The Eastern Preparatory Youth Orchestra is a string orchestra designed to introduce and put into practice the foundations of orchestral playing. This orchestra seeks to develop good ensemble playing, expand reading skills and encourage technical development. EPYO performs music with simple meters and rhythms, and fundamental keys; generally in first position, but with some 2nd through 4th; teaching basic bowing styles and dynamics. Emphasis is placed on acquiring good posture, preparation, ensemble and practice proficiencies.

Eastern Senior Youth Orchestra


Orchestral music at the grade 1.5 to 3 level (upper elementary to early junior high), requires the following skill level:

  • Good basic first position; knowledge of low 2nd finger, and backward/forward extensions; beginning work in 2nd and 3rd positions for violin/viola and 2nd through 4th positions for cello.
  • Good posture and position of the right and left hand
  • Good intonation and clear tone
  • Bowing styles: détaché, staccato, marcato, and legato
  • Dynamics: piano-forte; crescendo and diminuendo
  • Beginning of vibrato on longer notes
  • Backward and forward extensions; use of low 1st and 2nd finger

Entry Level Repertoire:

Violin: Suzuki Books (mid)2-3 or equivalent
Viola and Cello: Suzuki Books 2-3 or equivalent
Bass: Suzuki Books 1-2 or equivalent