Attendance at all concerts is required by all members. There are no “excused” absences from concerts! Dress rehearsals are also mandatory. It is not fair to the group to attend rehearsals and then miss concerts—the ensemble depends on stand partners that are familiar with each other and the group working together as a whole.

1) If a student misses more than one rehearsal, he or she will not be allowed to perform in the next EYO concert.

2) If a student misses any performance, he or she will not be allowed to perform in any EYO concerts for the remainder of the academic year.

Unless notified to the contrary by your conductor, rehearsals are scheduled for every Monday evening during the concert season, regardless of school schedules, teacher workdays or other events.

Dress Code:

Adhering to concert dress is expected behavior for orchestral musicians in order to obtain a uniform appearance as a group. This will allow the audience to concentrate on the music and not to be distracted by an individual’s appearance. The following dress code is standard for most orchestras and is required for participation in EYO concerts:

Prep, Junior, and Senior Boys:
Solid white dress shirt, solid black long pants, solid black socks, solid black (or dark) dress shoes (no tennis shoes)

Prep and Junior Girls:
Solid white top, black dress pants or long black skirt below the knee (not above the knee), solid black hose or tights, solid black dress shoes (no tennis shoes).

Senior Girls:
See Prep. and Junior girls. In addition, solid black top or a long, solid black dress is also acceptable.

    No bare legs: if you wear a long skirt, then you must also wear black hose or tights
    No spaghetti straps or sleeveless tops No visible midriffs, shoulders, cleavage, or backs
    No sequins or glitter No denim
    No white socks
If you are dressed inappropriately your parents will be called to bring you appropriate concert dress clothes.

Thank you for your cooperation!